to the woman in the tight green dress

"A pleasing pair of buttocks is possessed of greater power
than all that has ever proceeded from philosophers."

--Pietro Aretino (1492-1556), from Sei Giornate (Six Days)

during my coffee break
i watched as you stood
in the courtyard
smoking a cigarette
in mid-morning sun.

you stole
a hummingbird glance
at me
then quickly turned away
so that i wouldn't notice
that you were
noticing me
or perhaps
because you
just didn't want to look
at the ugly
middle-aged man.

turning your back
did not render you

you did, however
offer me a great view
your bodacious backside
a huddled mass of flesh
yearning to breathe free
nearly straining at the seams

callipygian curves
by a tight, bright green dress
that hugged your form
so closely
that there was scant
left to the imagination.

i was so grateful
that i almost didn't mind
having to go back to work.

© by Jack T. Marlowe

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